Chuong lab members (click for bio)

Edward B. Chuong, PhD – Assistant professor
PhD (Genetics), Stanford University
BS (Bioinformatics), University of California, San Diego



Yuanyuan Xie, PhD – Postdoctoral associate
PhD (Neurobiology and Anatomy), University of Utah
BS (Pharmaceutical Engineering), Jilin University School of Life Sciences


Atma Ivancevic, PhD – Postdoctoral associate
PhD (Genetics and evolution), University of Adelaide, South Australia
BS (Applied maths and genetics), University of Adelaide


Conor J. Kelly – Professional research assistant
BS (Honors, MCD Biology), University of Colorado Boulder



Alice Mueller – Undergraduate researcher
Dept of MCD Biology
University of Colorado Boulder (class of 2020)



Luna – Lab animal
BS (scatology)




June 2018 – Lab outing to Denver Science museum and Carl Zimmer

June 2018 – Looking sharp on tie-dye day at JSCBB