Chuong lab members 

The Chuong lab is dedicated to promoting an inclusive and welcoming environment for scientists from all races and backgrounds. To inquire about openings, please email Ed.

Principal Investigator

Edward B. Chuong, PhD 
Assistant professor
PhD (Genetics), Stanford University
BS (Bioinformatics), UC San Diego


Research Staff

Dave M. Simpson
Lab manager/staff scientist
BS (Biological Sciences), University of Vermont



Conor J. Kelly
Professional research assistant
BS (Honors, MCD Biology), University of Colorado Boulder


Postdoctoral associates

Atma Ivancevic, PhD
Postdoctoral associate
PhD (Genetics and evolution), University of Adelaide, South Australia
BS (Applied maths and genetics), University of Adelaide


Giulia Pasquesi, PhD
Postdoctoral associate
PhD (Quantitative Biology), University of Texas Arlington, USA
MS (Conservation and Evolution), University of Pisa, Italy
BS (Natural Sciences), University of Pisa, Italy

Graduate students

Carmen Buttler
MCDB PhD student
MS (Cell & Molecular Biology), University of Denver
BS (Molecular Biology), University of Denver


Adam Dziulko
MCDB/IQ Bio PhD student
BS (Genetics), Iowa State University



Lily Nguyen
MD/PhD, co-advised with Dr. Ben Bitler (CU Anschutz Medical Center)
BS (Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology), University of Michigan


Andrea Ordonez
MCDB PhD student
MSc (Human Molecular Genetics), Imperial College London
BS (Molecular and Cellular Biology), University of California, Berkeley



Bella Horton
Dept of Chemical and Biological Engineering
University of Colorado Boulder (class of 2022)



Rebecca Su

Keala Gapin

Alexander Hirano




Yuanyuan Xie (postdoc 2018-2020, currently Associate Director I at Wuxi Apptech)
Daniel Ramirez Hernandez (grad student 2018-2020, currently in Dowell Lab)

Alice Mueller (2018-2020, currently at Johns Hopkins PhD program in immunology)
Chris Mulligan (2019, currently in Schmidt lab)


January 2020 last pre-pandemic lab outing


Feb 2019 – Lab photo in lab


Oct 2018 – Lab doubling lunch at Fate Brewing

Sept 2018 – Yuanyuan, Ed, and Conor at the Rocky Mountain Virology Club retreat

June 2018 – Lab outing to Denver Science museum and Carl Zimmer


June 2018 – Looking sharp on tie-dye day at JSCBB