Dave Simpson

Dave M. Simpson
Lab manager/Staff Scientist
B.S. (Biological Sciences)
University of Vermont





Dave has been captivated by the living world from an early age, and growing up in the green mountains of Vermont provided a natural platform for him to explore and expand on this fascination. His scholarly pursuit began at the University of Vermont, where he graduated with a B.S. in Biological Sciences. Working in the laboratory of Dr. Doug Johnson as an undergraduate researcher, he focused his path on molecular biology research applications, illuminating the power of DNA and how it can be manipulated and used as a tool to uncover many of life’s mysteries at the molecular level. He continued his research at Harvard Medical School within Dr. Elaine Elion’s lab, studying MAP Kinase signaling in yeast. This opportunity provided him with a new set of skills in the biochemistry toolbox, which proved useful as Dave transitioned into the industry sector, accepting a research position at Martek Biosciences (now DSM Nutritional Products) after moving to Boulder in 2004. During his time at Martek/DSM, Dave worked on R&D projects related to the genetic manipulation of algae and fungi for the production of high value products, such as omega-3 oils and bio-diesel.

In 2015, Dave returned to academia, joining Dr. Amy Palmer’s lab at the University of Colorado, Boulder as a lab manager. Here, he expanded his bench skill set, working to develop new genetically-encoded FRET sensors for visualizing & quantifying Zinc localization & concentration in mammalian cell culture systems. Dave joined the Chuong lab in October, 2018 and looks forward to applying his newfound experience in CRISPR applications while helping to organize and maintain an efficient, burgeoning lab.

Outside of work, Dave enjoys spending time with his family (wife, Katie and 2 young daughters, Jane & Emily) and exploring the outdoors (fishing, backpacking, camping, skiing, running and biking).