Daniel Ramirez

Daniel Ramirez Hernandez
Co-advised w/ Robin Dowell
BS (Genomic Sciences), Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México


Daniel grew up in central Mexico. There, he received a BS degree from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and majored in Genomic Sciences. Before going to graduate school, he worked in Harmit Malik’s lab in Seattle where he studied the evolution of host-virus interactions. Because he missed the scorching sun and high altitude from central Mexico, he then moved to Boulder, Colorado.

Daniel is currently pursuing a PhD in the department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology; where he is associated with the Interdisciplinary Quantitative Biology program. He is also co-mentored by Robin Dowell. He focuses his research on understanding the evolution of transcription regulatory elements involved in the innate immune response of primates.

Daniel likes video games, baking, octopuses, and having deep conversations about the future of the human civilization.