Atma Ivancevic

Atma Ivancevic, PhD
Postdoctoral associate
PhD (Genetics and evolution), University of Adelaide, South Australia
BS (Applied maths and genetics), University of Adelaide




Atma was born in Serbia but raised by the sandy beaches of South Australia. Her undergraduate education began at the University of Adelaide in 2010, where she started as an aspiring Arts student and finished with a double major in Applied Maths and Genetics. Under the mentorship of David Adelson and his loyal lab dog Rory, she completed a PhD in Bioinformatics, studying the evolution and transfer of transposable elements (aka “jumping genes”) across eukaryotic species. Following her PhD, Atma moved into medical research, studying the genetic basis of neurological disorders under the guidance of Jozef Gecz. Eventually she decided that it was time to see the world (and learn how to ski). Her postdoc project in Ed’s lab will focus on combining computational and experimental techniques to determine the role of endogenous retroviruses in gene dysregulation and cancer progression. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming, cycling and blogging.